Our Team

Tessa Shields

Producer, Director, Editor, Visual FX

Marya Stark


Out of the Silence Team

In 2006 Tessa Shields and Marya Stark teamed up in an artistic collaboration to create Out of the Silence while studying at Chapman University. The collaboration produced a short documentary and two community events in 2007. With the help of Christine Suits the team continued to interview experts in the field of sound healing in an effort to expand the short into a feature film. After a successful Kickstarter Campaign in 2011 and any twists and turns the project is coming “out of the silence,” in the form of a docu-series that will allow all of the incredible content to be fully shared. We are so grateful to all of the collaborators, supporters, and interviewees over the years. Please check out our links page to learn more about the many sound healing practitioners and researchers we have interviewed.  

Original Documentary Crew

Tessa Shields – Producer, Director, DP, Editor, Visual FX

Christine Suits – Camera Operator, Music Supervisor

Ian Wolfley – Camera Operator 

Howard Lipp – Sound Designer

Alex Lee – Visual FX

Doug DeBoer – Visual FX



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